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  • How to Find the Perfect Gown
    Hello, friends! I’m so excited to share my insights on finding the perfect gown. Thanks to Marissa at Lady Black Tie in Andover, Massachusetts, …
  • My Truth About Swimsuit Competition and How it Saved Me from Myself
    Hello, my friends! Wow. I feel like I always start my posts with saying wow, but for this one I mean it. Double wow. The first wow is in reference to …
  • Owning Your Edge
    Hey, bro. Sup, sis? Welcome back to yet another installment of Meg’s Inner Thoughts! I actually conducted a poll on my Instagram story to see …

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A Creative Cure

I started the Creative Cure project in 2016 with the hope of inspiring people of all ages to utilize art as a form of self expression as well as a fun, relaxing way to relieve stress and anxiety. Click to learn more about this artistic movement that is making its way throughout the commonwealth of Massachusetts.