Many of you know that I have a passion for loving and caring for others. One of my favorite ways that I am able to do this is as a DoTerra Wellness Advocate. I love helping people learn how to utilize natural products in their home and with their families. My goal is to equip families with the knowledge and tools that they need to live well.

I began my journey with DoTerra after a tough season of doubt and helplessness in the fall of 2017 when I took was diagnosed with a mood disorder called cyclothymia, in addition to my already growing anxiety. There were months of back and forth with psychologists, going over the same stories and information with different doctors before I found one who was able to prescribe a mild anxiety medication. I took the pills for one month and the side effects drove me crazy. With Miss Massachusetts around the corner, I was dreading the impending increase in stress and anxiety with my rigorous interview prep and anticipation for the competition.

That winter, I did a complete 180º with my diet and exercise habits. I went completely grain, dairy, and processed-foods free. I took up buti yoga and my body and soul underwent an incredible transformation. At Miss Massachusetts that June, my roommate introduced me to essential oils as she was diffusing them in our hotel room when we had downtime in the mornings before rehearsals. She had different oils that we could diffuse for different times of day. We used them to help wake up in the morning, to keep our nerves down before interview and competition, to support restful sleep at night, and to cool off our sore feet following hours in heels everyday.

When I returned home after the competition I was eager to get my hands on some essential oils that I could use daily. With the support of my friend Laura, I am learning how to build my own business with DoTerra and support my body with natural products, quality sleep, and nutrition. DoTerra has given me the power to take my life back from the anxiety that used to cripple me. Today, I am living my life like it's MY life. My favorite thing about these oils is that there are so many varied options for everyone to fall in love with. Wellness is never one-size-fits-all and different oils work for different people. The possibilities are endless! Wherever you are on your wellness journey, find success in using the tools that DoTerra offers to help you CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

xx Meg

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