10 Minutes to the Butt and Abs of Your Dreams

Hello loves!

Today is the first release day of this blog and it has been a busy one for me! But I wanted to share with you a quick workout that you can fit in to your day if you have 10 minutes. If you can fit it in, you can get fit- and that’s really the hardest part. I usually get to the gym around 9:15PM or later and I try to fit in at least 2 workouts a day. During the day I often have to make shift at home with HIIT walking/running in my neighborhood and workouts that focus on specific muscle groups but don’t take up a ton of time. When I got to the gym this evening, I jumped right onto the treadmill to bang out 1.3 miles and get my blood pumping. My go to treadmill routine is a favorite that I stole from Miss Alabama 2017, Jessica Procter. Check it out:

So after cardio, I came up with a quick little 10 minute Butt and Ab workout that’s super doable especially for the college student who would rather sit in their room and eat Nutella than go to the gym most days… i.e. me.

So here it is!

Set your countdown on your phone for 10 minutes. Each exercise you bang out for one minute. (Also- I do the workout thing but I definitely don’t by any means do the workout terminology thing… alright let’s see how well I can explain the things.)

First exercise: leg… lift? You lift your leg up and down whilst on your hands and knees like so:

Once you’ve done one side for one minute, switch to the other side for the next minute. Two minutes down! For the third minute, hold a forearm plank. It’s grueling and awesome… Especially by the third one.

Minute four! Fire hydrants. Sort of like leg lifts but out to the side.

Then switch and do the other leg for the fifth minute. Don’t forget to breathe because the sixth minute holds for you, yet another plank. For your seventh and eighth minutes, pulses! Send that leg out to the back and pulse up and down.

For your ninth minute, to mix it up a bit, adding a bit of Plyometrics into the workout will keep your heart rate at a good place while still working your butt and abs. Not sure what these are called but you basically keep your arms in the same straight position and your legs begin in plank position, but you jump them out wide and then back into plank position. Quickly. For a minute. It’s fun, trust me.

Keeping your back straight is the hardest part with these but you don’t want to arch it down because you won’t get the full affect of what the move has to offer you. Hold those abs tight! As my ballet teacher would say, “belly button to spine!”

Lastly, minute ten. You guessed it. Plank it out.

^^Not my art- I saw it on Facebook and can’t remember who made it but I relate.

Go kill this workout lovelies!

-Meg xx


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